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Re: Tips

While we're on the subject of tips (cheesy tie in)
can someone give me a tip how to write a bash script to use man2html to produce
a single html file for each of the man pages sections? Why on earth the LDP or
some of the distribution packagers havent put the man pages into printable
format is beyond me...

Perhaps indy will want to include an RPM with the man pages in html?

sjl@chaucer.ece.ucsb.edu on 09/03/2000 16:37:26

Please respond to independence-l@independence.seul.org

To:   independence-l@independence.seul.org

Subject:  Re: Tips

> Here's the first few that come to my head.... changes, some of them might
> not be totally accurate, be critical of me.
> ======
> Have a command you want to know more about? That's where the man program
> fits in. Type man <command> and it will give you the manual entry of that
> command.
Please, PLEASE mention 'man -k <keyword>' and 'man -K <keyword>' in the
tip about 'man'! I have been suprised at how long it takes people to learn
about these tricks -- it's no wonder people get frustrated with man when
they can only use it to learn about commands they already know the name of.
Also, using the [options] <argument> syntax should be briefly explained --
you don't want anyone typing literal
man <startx>


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