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Re: Tips

> > Also, using the [options] <argument> syntax should be briefly
explained --
> > you don't want anyone typing literal
> > man <startx>
> Yep, good point. We cannot assume they'll understand. But how best to do
> it? Have it as the first tip ala;
> Welcome to Indy's tip program. Everytime you log in you will presented
> with a tip that we hope will make using linux easier and more efficient.
> To disable the tips, to view details on the use of syntax, or to change
> your preferance settings, just type "tips" (without the quotes) at the
> prompt.
> [Or something like that.]
> I said there'd be more.

Yeah what if there are multiple users and they miss the first tip? I think
the best way is just to give an example like, "type, man <program> i.e man