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Re: Tips

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 01:09:30AM +0000, David Webster wrote:

At some point I had a Linux Quick Reference. Some remembered extracts

To extract a file with extension .tar.gz or .tgz

tar -xzvf filename
x = extract
z = decompress
v = verbose
f = use the following filename

Likewise for .tar.bz2

tar -xIvf filename

To start a command from an xterm and leave the xterm free
commandname &

where am i?

list a files contents
less filename

Query installed packages
rpm -qa | less

Query files installed in a package
rpm -ql packagename

Query package info
rpm -qi packagename

docs usually in /usr/doc

Quit vi with "Escape : q !"
Quit Emacs with "Ctrl-X,Ctrl-S"

Ctrl-A - goto start of line
Ctrl-E - goto end of line

du - disk used
df - disk free
cal - useful
mc - good console file manager
top - process monitor

ls -l
ls -s (useful ls switches)
ls --color 

Middle mouse button X text cut n paste

su - super user / switch user
locate - look for files

Thats enough for now
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