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Re: Adding helix to Indy

> JF Martinez wrote:
> > We will have to fix the splash screen and create our own one.
> Allow me to still interfere ;)
> Helix Code is just what Indy needs; no headaches (at least for Indy
> developers) to get the newest GNOME. RedHat is supported by Helix and
> therefore it should work fine with us.
> If you *don't* change anything about the Helix Code packages, they will
> always be immediately up-to-date. You'll only have to make 'em part of
> Indy when you burn a CD-ROM, for instance. But if you change minor
> things, you'll always have to keep up with the newest versions. That's
> double work, anayway. Better just see Helix Code as an external
> contribution to Indy.

Changing the splash screen could be a requirement of the Helix people
in the same way the RH people require to remove their logo from
distributions derived from theirs.

About some changes we could consider them important enough to rebuild
the package: for instance there is a conflict between's their
gnome-core package and RedHat's kdebase (well in this particular case
it is RedHat's package who is wrong), another one is GGV who does not
antialias by default: I consider is important beacuse I consider the
case of a beginner in panic mode: he will get nearly unrzeadable text
but he will say "I will fix it when problem is solved".  In the
interim GGV's output is so bad that at times it makes harder to
understand the text.

However the smart thing to do would be to send them our fixes so next
time their packages are correct.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses