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Indy / RedHat 6.2 & ISO image.

Hi there guys and girls (anyone there raise your hand)

I would like to have a copy of the Indy CD(s) but I am a little far away 
(read lower end of Europe). It would be much better for me to download an 
ISO image and make a CD from that. I could download the 6.2 directory as 
well but since I have done it another time and it didn't work I would need 
some help. I am using an Intel PIII at 450 Mhz and I have a CD Writer. Have 
only Windows 98 and I am usually using Nero as my burner program.

I will install Indy on a P133, 32MB RAM, 4.6GB HD IBM Personal Computer 750 
and use it as a server and learing machine with other Win 9x machines as 

So to sum it up Will there be an ISO CD?

Best Regards.
Dinos Kouroushaklis