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Re: Indy / RedHat 6.2 & ISO image.

> Hi there guys and girls (anyone there raise your hand)
> I would like to have a copy of the Indy CD(s) but I am a little far away 
> (read lower end of Europe). It would be much better for me to download an 
> ISO image and make a CD from that. I could download the 6.2 directory as 
> well but since I have done it another time and it didn't work I would need 
> some help. I am using an Intel PIII at 450 Mhz and I have a CD Writer. Have 
> only Windows 98 and I am usually using Nero as my burner program.

Indy includes a good CD burner but this is a chicken and egg problem.

> I will install Indy on a P133, 32MB RAM, 4.6GB HD IBM Personal Computer 750 
> and use it as a server and learing machine with other Win 9x machines as 
> clients.

Well, it can be used like this and have some nice features who make it
more convenientthan other distribs but I targeted Indy for using Linux
as client so it a pity you will not see the nicer GIMP we have, nor
Sound Studio or abiword, you will miss being crushed by the AI players
at FreeCivilization and so on.

> So to sum it up Will there be an ISO CD?

Problem is that once we build Indy there are only 600 Megs left on
belegost so we cannot put an ISO image there.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses