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Re: Indy / RedHat 6.2 & ISO image.

Hi Jean and all,

Can you hold my hand with this exercise? I could download the contents of 
CD1 and CD2 but maybe I should download contents of the differential 
directory instead. The machine currently has Red Hat Linux 6.0 Hedwig. Do I 
need anything else other than CD1 CD2 and maybe CD3? What about the 
Independence.tgz file? Will the boot images change? I assume so. Where are 
they? Are we ready to release Indy 6.2 or should I go ahead and get the 
differentials from the 6.0 directory?

I could download the files using ftp to a windows 95 machine and then split 
them into groups of 100 MB  so I  can move them to my home computer using a 
zip disk and then I could reassemble them to their directories.

I could actually put them all on a fat16 or fat32 hard disk and have that 
hard disk on my machine and try a reboot. I could use the boot floppy boot 
and designate the hard disk as my source for the installation, I assume I can.

I have yet to find out what was the problem with the comps file. Remember 
that the installation program informed me that there was a problem with the 
format of the comps file and that it was not a comps 0.1 (I assume the 
numbering is right) file (which after inspection it was found that it was). 
Could it be that I need to transfer everything as binary to make sure that 
text files will have the unix file structure instead of DOS i.e. <eol><cr> 
End of Line & Carriage Return respectively.

At 09:58 μμ 28/03/2000 +0200, you wrote:
>Indy includes a good CD burner but this is a chicken and egg problem.

Let me just install Indy and I will be able to try the burner as well, ... 
but I do need to install it first.

> > I will install Indy on a P133, 32MB RAM, 4.6GB HD IBM Personal Computer 
> 750
> > and use it as a server and learning machine with other Win 9x machines as
> > clients.
>Well, it can be used like this and have some nice features who make it
>more convenient than other distribs but I targeted Indy for using Linux
>as client so it a pity you will not see the nicer GIMP we have, nor
>Sound Studio or abiword, you will miss being crushed by the AI players
>at FreeCivilization and so on.

Let us get everything up and running and I have another machine which I can 
use as a Linux Client. Note though that I need to be first comfortable and 
productive with Linux and Indy and find replacements as well as convert my 
stuff to Linux tools before switching.

> > So to sum it up Will there be an ISO CD?
>Problem is that once we build Indy there are only 600 Megs left on
>belegost so we cannot put an ISO image there.

What about the www.linuxiso.org idea?

Best regards
Dinos Kouroushaklis