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Re: Indy / RedHat 6.2 & ISO image.

This is great news, I hope to all.

I sure hope that we will be able to get the Independence ISO images from 

I wonder if we could include some info for Windows CD Burner software and 
links as well.
Remember that we aim to get more Windows users to try and hopefully switch 
to Linux.

At 06:51 μμ 28/3/2000 -0500, Kevin Sproul wrote:
>Roger Dingledine wrote:
> >
> > On Tue, Mar 28, 2000 at 09:58:56PM +0200, JF Martinez wrote:
> > > Problem is that once we build Indy there are only 600 Megs left on
> > > belegost so we cannot put an ISO image there.
> >
> > This can be fixed...how much space do you need?
> >
> > --Roger
>guess what the host ?

The host is http://www.linuxiso.org

Best regards
Dinos Kouroushaklis