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RE: Thoughts on Redhat 6.0

On Wed, 5 May 1999, Sharp, Lee wrote:

>    Gee...  I vote the other way. :-)  RH 6.0 has the new kernel, and the

The new kernel builds on RH 5.2 (-; Using RH5.2 as a foundation doesn't
mean that we can't update any packages.

> new Samba.  I know...  

... which will also compile just fine on RH5.2

My point is we could use a solid RH 5.2 foundation, and skim the cream
from RH 6.0

>    I think we should rebuild for 6.0 as soon as possible, but still call

I still don't see what the hurry is. The urge to have the "latest and
greatest" is understandable, but the *.0 Redhat releases are notoriously
unreliable. My point is not that I don't want us to upgrade any packages.
It is that I have doubts about moving to glibc2.1. 

The fact that 6.0 has  a few newer packages isn't reason to shift: we can
rebuild them for 5.2.

-- Donovan