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Re: Thoughts on Redhat 6.0

> >I thought this was worth putting to the list.
> >
> >What is our policy on RH6.0 ? 
> >
> >IMO, the smart thing to do would be to base our 0.2 release on RH5.2 , and
> >rebuild the new packages ( such as the gnome RPMs  ) for RH5.2. 
> >
> >This way , we could wait for the beta-testers^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
> >redhat 6.0 users to find the bugs before we make a RH6x based release (
> >possibly based on 6.1 )

There have been tests made by LWN and it looks very stable.  Leagues
ahead of 5.0.  RedHat has made a real beta testing this time through

>    Gee...  I vote the other way. :-)  RH 6.0 has the new kernel, and the
> new Samba.  I know...  Networking isn't a concern in France. ;-)  But it

We have LANs.

> is big in the home here, and so is file sharing over the internet.  I
> have an NT WINS server here at work, and a lot of my friends point at it
> from home so they can file share with each other over the internet.

Just thinking in this gives me the creeps.  You should read the Samba
book and the accompanying texts on the CDROM.  Using SMB over the
Internet is quite simply crazy.

>    I think we should rebuild for 6.0 as soon as possible, but still
> call it a beta until we have a chance to bang on it, and finish docs
> for 6.0.1 instead of 5.2.1...  Integrating all our changes will take
> long enough to find the biggest bugs anyway.

My vote is for going 6.0.  There are many things I want: 2.2, TT
support, booting into XDM, KDE 1.1.1 (instead of our 1.1), Gnome (yes
it is stable), plus improvements into the install.  Of course I am not
proposing releasing Indy 0.2 five minutes after RedHat, we will let
them fix their worse bugs before releasing.  Fortunately they tend to
be fast at this.

Problem I have is that everything I built against glibc2.0 would be
better recompiled against glibc 2.1.  By the way I am reluctant to
build and load things I will have to reload later so until I get 6.0 I
will write programs for easiing the maintenance of the distrib,
nonarch thingies and take a serious look at the install.  Plus the
ever fun thing of replacing RedHat by Independence except on a couple
places and this for every language known to man and alien.

Tonight I will purge the site of what has been obsoleted by 2.2.  That
includes our present KDE (due to the fact it will use a different C++
library) and every K app but I will reload a new version as soon as I
am able to get 6.0: I still think ours was better.  :-)

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses