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RE: Thoughts on Redhat 6.0

>I thought this was worth putting to the list.
>What is our policy on RH6.0 ? 
>IMO, the smart thing to do would be to base our 0.2 release on RH5.2 , and
>rebuild the new packages ( such as the gnome RPMs  ) for RH5.2. 
>This way , we could wait for the beta-testers^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
>redhat 6.0 users to find the bugs before we make a RH6x based release (
>possibly based on 6.1 )

   Gee...  I vote the other way. :-)  RH 6.0 has the new kernel, and the
new Samba.  I know...  Networking isn't a concern in France. ;-)  But it
is big in the home here, and so is file sharing over the internet.  I
have an NT WINS server here at work, and a lot of my friends point at it
from home so they can file share with each other over the internet.
   I think we should rebuild for 6.0 as soon as possible, but still call
it a beta until we have a chance to bang on it, and finish docs for
6.0.1 instead of 5.2.1...  Integrating all our changes will take long
enough to find the biggest bugs anyway.

   As for people who don't have 6.0, I downloaded the iso from
light-brigade (thanks) and will burn for all who request.  Just cover my
media, and shipping...