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Re: QNX RTOS? (Apologies for off-topic!)

> Matt & Kim wrote:
> ...
> > And yes, it does everything they claim and then some. Looks very
> > impressive. Unfortunately,  it's also quite commercial -- meaning no pay,
> > no play. When I talked to them (a year ago) they weren't interested in
> > anything outside scientific/large-commercial operations. Rumour has it QNX
> Maybe what you're looking for is PicoBSD, that is, if you're looking for
> a free one-floppy unix-distro.

There are several one floppy Linux distros who don't present the same
danger than BSD for being a Trojan horse to free software.  Affairs
like the propriatariztion of software towards the end of seventies and
the more recent try to proprietarize X should instruct us about the
dangers of having proprietary software use a BSD-like base (unpaid
work) and then killing it (it failed with X but it worked in many
occasions).  In France we say "expelling someone throuh the door and
having him returning through the Window".

Personally I think we should avois promoting BSD-licensed software
just for the sake of being ecumenics when there is an equivalent GPLed

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses