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Re: [Re: A proposal for a logo]

> What do we win? An all expenses paid trip to France maybe? Just kidding8-)
> How about some ground rules?
> This is only a start from what I gathered from the previous postings so far:
> 1) Must be international (not specific to any country).
> 2) Should include tux in some way.
> 3) Needs to be easily sizeable (no text).
> 4) Should be 16 or 256 colors (like web graphics).
> 5) Designed using GIMP only (just a suggestion, it is Linux after all).

Bonus points for Gimp 1.1.  I really would like someone testing it.

> What's the deadline for entry?

I suppose when we will have the distrib ready for testing so the logo
can be ready at the time it will be announced.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses