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Re: Creative Labs+ Mpeg decoding

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> > I have heard of Creative Labs releasing drivers for DVDs under Linux.
> > Licensed under GPL.  Could someone investigate what we woumd have to
> > do for adding them to Indy.  Personally I would kill (processes) for
> > that kind of thing in Indy.
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> > Second: This afternoon I saw someone watching an Mpeg movie under
> > Windows.  It was full screen and animation was fluid but when trying
> > to view it under Linux using aktion on identical hardware I was only
> > able to get a stamp sized image, under 1 frame per second and in
> > addition parts of the image were not displayed in order to avoid
> > unsyncing.  This was on a 400 Mhz Pentium II.  In other words "aktion'
> > is very bad propaganda for Linux at least when viewing mpeg files.
> Xanim (and thus aktion) only displays MPEG by accident.
> If you want a nice MPEG movie player, I'd suggest MPegTV, but it's
> shareware.

I remember Caldera 1.3 had a far better viewer than xanim, I think it
used Motif/Lesstif but I got about 20 fps on a Cyrix 166+ while I get
1 fps on a PII 400 using aktion.  Of course Caldera's viewer does not
compare with Loki's.  About Loki's viewer I think it is able to read
real Mpeg because I found an Mpeg file in Myth II and it was real Mpag
as aktion was able to display it.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses