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Re: A couple ideas

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, JF Martinez wrote:

> Third: I don't think we should movve to the 6.1 installer.  We don't
> have the source code for bugfixes (so we would have to fix them
> ourselves) and it eats over 50 megs intall.  This move is not so good
> for PR but aren't we supposed to do the right thing?

Microsoft put PR before doing the Right Thing.

The Right Thing should *ALWAYS* done.

Besides I think the current Indy installer is quite good. Not as good,
IMHO, as the one that comes with SuSE 5.2, but then I've been using SuSE
5.2 for about a year, so I'm probably biased. I'm also finding redhat a
little difficult to get used to, esp. working out what the hell it does on
start up. But I like the way it echos all the successes/faliures to the
screen in green/red, that rocks.

[Did I miss it or does Indy not come with ssh and pgp/gpg? worth
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