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Re: Report

Mike Karmindro wrote:
Hi all.  I have a question with installing Red Hat 5.1 along with 98 and NT
4.  I have one primary partition 700MB with 98 and NT installed there.  The
rest is an extended partition with several logical partitions within it (a
fat 32, a NTFS, and a FAT 16).  I already have NT and 98 installed and
purposely left about 2.5 GB left over all for Linux partitions.  First of
all, will this work with Linux installed at the very "end" of my hard drive
in logical partitions?
Most (all?) BIOS's cannot see past the first 1024 cylinders, and hence the kernel and its close helpers (the /boot directory) must be fully contained in those first 1024 cylinders (once the kernel is booted it can see the entire hard disk and load from anywhere, but the BIOS has to load the kernel).  I suggest you look at the large disk mini-HOWTO since it will answer other questions that might come up.


Andreas F. Pour
MieTerra LLC