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Re: Report

> Hi all.  I have a question with installing Red Hat 5.1 along with 98 and NT
> 4.  I have one primary partition 700MB with 98 and NT installed there.  The
> rest is an extended partition with several logical partitions within it (a
> fat 32, a NTFS, and a FAT 16).  I already have NT and 98 installed and
> purposely left about 2.5 GB left over all for Linux partitions.  First of
> all, will this work with Linux installed at the very "end" of my hard drive
> in logical partitions?  And does anyone have this similar setup (98, NT,
> and Linux)?  Would like to hear some tips if possible.  Thanks.

The problem with LILO is it uses BIOS and (at least in old BIOSSES, I
am not sure in new ones) it cannot load systems residing above
cylinder 1024.  In order to be sure there is no part of the system
above the limit your boot partition must be entirely under the 1024

In case you cannot use LILO then copy your kernel to the 98 partition
and use loadlin after booting in DOS mode.

> If this is not the type of question that should be asked via this email
> newsletter, I apologize.

Penalty is either being tarred, feathered and compressed OR being
shipped to Redmond OR working in the project for five years.  :-)
Just kidding.

It is not the type of question but they are not numerous enough to be
a nuisance so personally I don't care.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses