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Re: Restart after long silence

jfm2@club-internet.fr on 17/09/2000 19:21:27
> and (don't shoot)
> make the user explicitly install VI ie VI would not instlled by default.

One good thing about FreeBSD is that except for the enmergency boot-type
situations, they use EE (Easy Editor) as the default text editor. Its easy. You
could use Nano (GPL-ed PICO) I suppose, but I think EE's easier

wrt multi-CD installs, Amazingly Mandrake 7.0 doesnt let me eject the first CD
when it asks me to insert the second CD!!

Separate point - the type of user you are aming at is _precisely_ the very last
sort of person who would ever search out independence. They are the sort of
people who would just passively buy whatever distro is on the shelf . The sort
of person who makes an informed choice and finds Independence is more likely not
to need as much hand holding

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