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Re: Killustrator versus Sketch

I don't know about sketch but I find the StarOffice drawing program better
than Killustrator. Why not wait for October the 13th (the GPL'ing of

I always make it a point to apply the "heart test" to any vector drawing
program I plan to use. If the program can draw a properly curved heart, the
program is an honest-to-goodness drawing program. The heart must be drawn
using control points (for example, Bezier curves) rather than freehand
strokes or pre-drawn "clipart."

In the last version of Killustrator I tried out, I was unable to produce the
corner nodes that are necessary to produce the middle part of the heart (the
parts where the two halves of the heart are joined). All Killustrator could
produce are rounded tips. So the heart looks more like an apple.

On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> Is there anyone in this list with interest in vector drawing programs
> willing to compare them?  For what I have seen Killustrator looks far
> better than presnt Sketch who uses Tk (but Sketch is being rewritten
> in GTK) but I have heard Sketch is far more powerful.  This I cannot
> judge.  There is also the questoon of doc/simplicity of use.
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