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Re: Logging inaccuracies

On Wednesday 25 April 2001 11:12, Alexey Rodriguez Yakushev wrote:
>   Hi, i have left running three monitoring facilities for one interface
> three days ago.
>   The detailed statistics tell me that there have been 929700K bytes of
> traffic for that interface using the TCP protocol. However the protocol
> statistics tell me (summing the bytes for all TCP services) that the bytes
> for TCP services hardly reach 200Mb. How could that possibly happen?

  I think i have found the reason, it seems the protocol statistics for 
TCP/UDP services collects information only for known ports. Note that i am 
speculating i am still trying to figure out what is wrong. Help is very 

>   Another problem, the statistics file for protocol monitoring is reversed.
> The outgoing bytes and packets are in fact the incoming bytes/packets, the
> same applies to the incoming bytes/packets. I know this because of the
> ncurses display and i know my traffic patterns. I think this is a known
> issue, i hope :) .
>   Thanks for your help.
>   Alexey