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Re: [kidsgames] kids programs

Steve Baker wrote:
> segfault@hardline.org wrote:
> >
> > Ahh, excellent.. nice to see someone else is coding as well :) Yes,
> > actually.. I'm working on an Interactive Storybook program with book
> > authoring tools (using GTK). It's basically a glorified picture book
> > with little sprites that animate when you click them, and a bit of
> > sound. Text shows in the bottom 1/3 (roughly) of the window, picture in
> > the top half.
> >
> > Current status is available at http://hardline.org/ for the curious :)
> Cool!  That's the kind of basic application we need.
> One of the cool things that some of those things do is to highlight
> the words on the screen as the audio reads them out.

Well.. I hadn't planned on text-to-speech in version 1.0, but it's
certainly worth investigating. Anyone know of a good open source text to
speech engine; preferably one that doesn't require phonetic spelling or
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