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[Libevent-users] Regarding broken connection when using libevent with redsocks in android M OS

Hi All.

 I was wondering if anyone here has tried libevent/redsocks combinatin in android latest versions.
We were using redsocks + libevent for data redirection to our proxy in Android L version but since we have moved to android M version we are getting a very strange issue.

 ÂThe problem is that when we install-stop-install-stop in the playstore, the device gets stuck, and NO applications can use data further.

ÂThe reason is that we are not seeing the event generated from libevent for redsocks to read any new client connection once we do that insall-stop-install.

we are using libevent 2-0-22 stable release, but we have seen this issue Âusing previous libevent versions(2-0-21) Âalso.

ÂLooks like some read/write event issue in libevent.

Please help if someone has seen such behaviour in other cases also