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Re: [Libevent-users] Re: Regarding broken connection when using libevent with redsocks in android M OS

On Mon, May 09, 2016 at 02:13:31PM +0530, vijay mishra wrote:
> Hi Azat,
>    The problem is seen with libevent version 2-1-5 also.

Hi Vijay,

Do you have sha1 hash of the version?

> Actually in bufferevent_ratelim.c, we are using MAX_TO_READ_EVER &
> MAX_TO_WRITE_EVER buffer sizes set to 16387.
> When we try to use bigger buffer sizes here... Say 32MB or 16 MB,  we are
> facing the issue that playstore start - stop-start hangs the whole data
> connection. Even other applications are not able to use redsocks new
> clients.

Can you provide some debug information, for example (or some analogs):
- in which state the process are (gdb 'thread apply all bt')
- all process list and it's statuses
- opened descriptors
- rss/virt redsocks
- timeout 1m strace -fp $(pgrep redsocks)
- gdb 'p event_base_dump_events(stderr)'

Before hang and after.

> But with lesser values as is there by default -  16387,this issue is not
> seen. But the internet speed will be lesser. We are using higher values so
> as to get higher speeds (better throughput).
> Our understanding is that due to these high values of buffersizes, libevent
> is getting stuck somewhere.
> Can you point us to what might the problem area be?

I think that maybe redsocks can looping because of:
- allocations
- stalled events
- some issues with retrying
- what ever else

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