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Re: nextgen page bug

On 06-Apr-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:

> $CurrentUser is an object containing your user data. It's *always*
> In theory.

hm, theory meets reality? :) It may not help that I'm using ns6pre1... :)

>>It must have thrown away my user objects when I backed past the new
>>account/login stuff... :)
> What do you mean with "backed past..." ?

I loaded up the first page, then clicked 'login', which was obviously wrong as
I had not created an account yet. So I clicked into 'create', made my account,
and it gave me the "Your account has been successfully created" screen. I
noticed the 'preferences' or option or whatever button (I ferget the name now),
so I clicked into that, but it didn't have anything interesting in it. So I
clicked back, and since I was clicking that button I clicked back all the way
to the login screen (that I hit by accident). At that point I was becoming
annoyed, so I cut off the tail of the URL, eliminating all the parms being
passed thru it (culling from the ? to the end). That's when I received the
error (good luck figuring out what went wrong... Mebbe an extra if should be
thrown in to detect the lack of that object, and display the login box in its

>>will user settable color themes be included one of these days? :)
> After the rewrite ;)


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