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Re: nextgen page bug

Erik wrote:

>> $CurrentUser is an object containing your user data. It's *always*
>> In theory.
>hm, theory meets reality? :) It may not help that I'm using ns6pre1... :)

Doesn't matter. That stuff is evaluated on the server, and it doesn't care
about the browser.

>noticed the 'preferences' or option or whatever button (I ferget the name now),


>clicked back, and since I was clicking that button I clicked back all the way
>to the login screen (that I hit by accident). At that point I was becoming
>annoyed, so I cut off the tail of the URL, eliminating all the parms being
>passed thru it (culling from the ? to the end). That's when I received the

Were the pages you hit via "back" still in the cache or were they
re-requested from the server?
Do you have cookies enabled (if yes, the URL params should not contain
"LGDCSession=<biglonghexstring>"). I ask because I just tried to reproduce
the bug, but everything was fine.

>error (good luck figuring out what went wrong... Mebbe an extra if should be
>thrown in to detect the lack of that object, and display the login box in its

Done now.

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