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Re: New Site Betatest

A few *really* minor things :)

- If you type the wrong pwd in the login box, you
go to a separate page.  It has a "?>" pending.
- I expected to be taken to some page with the current
vote standings after hitting the Vote button.. but I got
back to the main page.  Where are the results ? :)
- I use Netscape 4.7 and also ran into the problem that
the back button gives Missing Data : cache expired.
However if you click all the way back to the main page,
it remembers that you're logged in, which is cool.

>>thing, we can go ahead and try it, and if it works wrap it
>>up in a "how to" page for other authors ?..
> I already modified Paul's submission guide 
> (site TOC/Information/Submissions) to reflect the most important 
> things. Can you have a look at it and tell us if there's still 
> something unclear?

Well, it's clear on the technical side, but I meant more
something of a style guide.  For instance, your suggestion
on what font to use is perfect.  I think it's really best if
a short list of colors to use, the font, and misc
other stuff (like the "div align right, href to Top of page"
thing for longer articles) was listed on the submissions
page.  It can serve two purposes; one, people who want to
submit should take a look at it and format their stuff
similarly; two, it's a quick check for maintainers who
get the submissions to verify that the submission is indeed
more or less following the guidelines.
  I mean, as it currently stands anything can be submitted,
which will break the uniform look of the site (if every
article has a different style).  The maintainers can't really
convert every article themselves, and if you expect the
authors to do it, it may help if they don't have to view
the (complex) page source of a random LGDC page to
"reverse engineer" the colors, font, fontsize, etc..

whine, whine .. :)


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