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Re: New Site Betatest

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Bert Peers wrote:

>Christian Reiniger wrote:
>> >what kind of browser (-version) do you need to view those
>> According to my info, Netscape 4+ or IE 3+. No info about other
>> browsers. Who knows more about that?
>For one thing, I use Netscape 4.7 and still run very regularly
>into sites which look okay with IE 4 but are totally crap with
>NS (text overwriting itself cause there's a carriage return
>but no linefeed, unreadable colors, buttons/links that simply
>do not work making the site dead text, etc).
> I wonder if there wouldn't be a php script somewhere that
>takes a CSS page and converts it into normal html if the
>browser doesn't support CSS (ie do the client side substitution/
>formatting on the server)...

Yep this is true. NS has some weird ideas sometimes with stylesheets.
Nevertheless, that's the way the world is going sooner or later.
Personally I don't mind what get ssent to me when I browse something, but
I would not like to maintain (anymore) a big site with a lot of
<font>/<table> stuff. Tables are necessary, but they need not be used so
much as earlier.

Well, I don't have the knowledge to help out with the site anyway, so this
is a kind of academic discussion... :-)

 Jan 'Chakie' Ekholm |    CS at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland
    Linux Inside     | I'm the blue screen of death, no-one hears you scream

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