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Re: New Site Betatest

>>>>> "Bert" == Bert Peers <rat@larian.com> writes:

Bert> Jan Ekholm wrote:

>> Shouldn't fonts, coloring etc. be done with stylesheets nowadays?
>> When I learned to use them it was really nice to be able to get rid
>> of all ugly <font></font> -tags, as well as a few tables too (used
>> for indentation and nice headings).

Bert> Hmmmmmmmm.... DOH ! :) Seems obvious.  Are those common enough
Bert> these days to use them ?  I mean, what kind of browser
Bert> (-version) do you need to view those correctly, and what happens
Bert> if you don't have them (like people who use Netscape 3.x on
Bert> *nix)..

You shold check out the http://webreview.com/guides/style/style.html
site which has an excellent chart showing browser CSS compatibility.

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