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Re: Make, make, make. . .

Christian Reiniger wrote:

> Its author bases the article on an example of a badly structured directory
> hierarchy. It's true that in such a case (recursive) make has severe
> problems, but once the source files are organized properly these problems
> vanish and the point becomes moot.

Tara Hernandez, ex-Netscape employee (I think she is in the Code Rush
documentary that was made, she was at the first Mozilla party at least)
and a few other people converted the build system of Mozilla to a
non-recursive one with amazing improvements in build time. Doing the CVS
update over the LAN takes much more time than a full build on a dual
Pentium II machine, apparently. Anybody that compiled Mozilla recently
can testify that this is amazing (takes almost three hours on my Pentium

Pierre Phaneuf
Systems Exorcist

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