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Re: Make, make, make. . .

> Philipp Gühring wrote:
> >>> Do a web search for "Recursive make considered harmful"
> >>
> >>...In the interests of editorial balance, it should be said that
> >>ssome people regard that document as almost criminally *wrong*.
> >
> >I read the document, and it sounded logical to me. Tell me more about
> >why it should be wrong.
> Its author bases the article on an example of a badly structured directory
> hierarchy. It's true that in such a case (recursive) make has severe
> problems, but once the source files are organized properly these problems
> vanish and the point becomes moot.

I thought the directory structure works very well. Solving the DAG
failures by the means of "throwing all the files in >1 module in a
common directory" doesn't really help the modularity.

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