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Re: LGDC news

On Mon, 17 April 2000, Steve Baker wrote:
> Sender: steve
> Well, I think Happypenguin is a better place for keeping track
> of new versions of games - but then HappyPenguin is temporarily
> (we hope) homeless.
> Since the 'D' in LGDC is for Developers - and developers are
> mostly likely to be interested in new SDK's, I suggest we don't
> clutter the news feed with gazillions of announcements about
> new versions of Tetris.
Yeah, but also apart of development is releases of incomplete programs.   The person in charge of Happypengui has made a poitn before that he wants to mostly stay away from under development games.  He suggested, and I agree, that this is the place for that.  

Freshmeat-General software releases.
Happypengui-Playable game releases, and game related releases
LGDC-SDK, and I think Underdevel/Nonplayable game releases

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