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Re: LGDC news

Ed Page wrote:

> > Since the 'D' in LGDC is for Developers - and developers are
> > mostly likely to be interested in new SDK's, I suggest we don't
> > clutter the news feed with gazillions of announcements about
> > new versions of Tetris.

> Yeah, but also apart of development is releases of incomplete programs.
> The person in charge of Happypengui has made a poitn before that he wants
> to mostly stay away from under development games.

Absolutely.  HappyPenguin is really the place for:

* People who want to find a game to download and play.
  (This is the 'database' function)
* People who want to know that a game they downloaded has
  come out with a new and improved version.
  (This is the 'news' function)
* Arguably, announcements of new game projects that are
  just starting up could be made there...but also (arguably),
  this list is the place for that since developers who are
  looking for a project to latch onto are (presumably) hanging
  out here.

> He suggested, and I agree, that this is the place for that.

I don't agree.

The thing about partial releases of unplayable games is that NOBODY
is interested in the damned things - except for the developers themselves -
and one presumes that they have their own mailing lists.  Why on earth
would developers of other games care?

The place for announcements of intermediate versions of as-yet-unplayable
games is...nowhere...IMHO.

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