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Re: LGDC news

Christian Reiniger wrote:
> Bert Peers wrote:
> >> What about this: We do accept game newsitems (the more important ones, not
> >> With resource items it's a bit more difficult...
> >
> >Hmz, you bet :)  Is the consensus currently leaning towards rejecting
> >game listings ?  Do we vote on it ?  Not that it's such a huge deal
> >as I noticed LGDC supports removal of already approved items should
> >we change our mind, but a final word would ofcourse be a better
> >guideline...
> I'd say we list only games with some special things (cool code / innovative
> design / librarylike (reusable) component / ...) - games developers can
> learn from or steal code from.

Yes - but everyone thinks their game has some cool code, etc, etc.

Who would decide?  Who wants to be the one that says "No, we won't list
your game because there's no cool code in it." ?

If someone has something cool to share then they should turn it into
a library component - THEN we'll want to list it.

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