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Re: Business models

Mark Collins wrote:

> The Prima series does have some genre specific titles (there's one dedicated
> to Isometric games available atm), but they are targetted at DirectX.

The choice of API shouldn't matter much if this book were to contain the
kinds of things I'd like to see.  In fact, it should be possible to write
it without mentioning specific API's, OS's or programming languages.

> However,. they should be reletively easy to follow. (And you had to mention
> soccer, didn't you?).

Yes - I did!  I probably should have said "Team Sports Simulation".

> If you fancy writing again, maybe you should email
> Jody and present your ideas to her (you would have to keep it generic if you
> did though, i.e. platform independant)...

I'm not qualified to write about these things (well, maybe some of them) - but
this is a book I'd like to *read* rather than *write*.

> Game Architecture and Design by Rollings and Morris actually cover most of
> those aspects. It doesn't get into much code (except the last part, which is
> more architecture (OO methodologies and the like)), but does cover pretty
> much all of the design aspects you mention above.

I'll check it out - thanks!

> (They're not really
> programming things, because each game will have different ideas behind it,
> and you don't want to force one designers idea onto anothers. That's just
> asking for trouble).

Sure.  There are always a dozen ways to do any of these things - but the
book would really only have to describe one of them that works.

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