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Re: Business models

--- Jan Ekholm <chakie@infa.abo.fi> wrote:
> What would be a nice thing if it was available is a
> few books on
> libs like SDL/PLIB that teach you how to do games
> using those libs. 

  I second that - even a few online tutorials on how
to use the above would be useful.  SDL's documentation
project has some pretty good examples of how to do
specific things (set the video mode, use the event
loop, etc) but doesn't go into a lot of detail on how
to put it all together.  For that, they have demos
whose source you can read.  This works, but it's not
the best way (for me, at least) to learn.
  PLIB came with good documentation and a few very
simple example programs to get me up and running, but
when it came to slightly larger projects I had to
again refer to other projects/demos to learn from.  I
ran into the problem that one of the best and most
complete examples of using PLIB is Tux: A Quest for
Herring, and that particular program is frickin' huge
:)  I can't go through the entire program to find out
how it works, so right now it's serving more as a
supplement to the reference ("How does ssgIsect work
in practice?  I'm not sure about that matrix part
there... Hmmm, how did tux do it?") and a handy source
of textures than a tutorial.

  So while I think having the source is terrific, it's
also pretty nice to have a good tutorial in order to
pick up the basic/intermediate concepts.
  I keep getting tempted to write one, too :)

-Roger Ostrander
 webmaster, "Denor's Realm"

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