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Re: Business models

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Henningsen wrote:

> >When they download the game from the website, you could have the server
> >embed the date it was downloaded on into the executable...then *bang*
> >three days later the game demands money.
> The server would have to write to the source files and recompile and send a
> different exceutable to every user, right? Or is there a simpler way of
> doing this?

There is nothing wrong with changing an executable with e.g. sed.

It is very ugly, yes, but it does work.

The qkhack for Quake worked in this way. It changed the name of some
libraries, thereby changing quake's mouse and keyboard input from using
svgalib to using X. (With a bit of wrapper code in a special dll).

However, as someone pointed out, it is as easy for the downloader to
change the binary back - if he can find the code in the binary, that is.


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