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Re: Business models

Keith Lucas wrote:
> > Joel Utting wrote:
> >
> > > Also it means you only need to create a few more levels then the
> > > highest anyone has gone so far !
> >
> > Yes - but you'd better hope you can produce them faster than people can
> > solve them.  Many games are quoted as having a 70 to 100 hour 'solution'
> > time.  Can you develop all the levels of a game in 100 hours?   I didn't
> > think so!
> Why?
> People quite happily wait until next week for the next installment of
> a TV show...

But people have different expectations of a computer game.  That's why
they'll happily pay $40 for a game and buy at least one new one every
month or so - but bitch and complain at paying $40 per month for 500
channels of TV programs that run 24 hrs a day.

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