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Re: Having problems with getting Nvidia hardware to work...

Katie Lucas wrote:
OK, I've got a box with a GeForce2 in it. I'm testing out whether
debian is a good platform for supporting it.

I've installed Mesa. I've installed Glut. I've installed nvidia's X drivers.

Don't install Mesa. Mesa is the driver of last resort if a 'real' OpenGL implementation does not exist.

Uninstall Mesa - then go to www.nvidia.com head over to downloads and install
their Linux drivers.

They work great.

When I run "glxgears" (which arrived as a binary), it fires up,
whizzes along and produces results which can only really have come
from the hardware renderer. Hurrah!

Are you sure? A modern CPU can run glxgears pretty fast.

Try a 'real' application with bunches of polygons and (especially)

If you have both Mesa *and* the nVidia OpenGL drivers installed and in
different directories then it may be kinda random which one you get.

Make *SURE* you've eradicated all traces of Mesa before you reinstall
the nVidia drivers.


   find / -name libGL\* -print

...you ideally want *ONLY*  /usr/lib/libGL.so  and /usr/lib/libGL.so.x.y.x

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