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Re: Having problems with getting Nvidia hardware to work...

On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 07:24:41AM -0700, Steve Baker wrote:
> Katie Lucas wrote:
> >On Wed, Apr 20, 2005 at 05:33:28PM -0700, Steve Baker wrote:
> >
> >>Katie Lucas wrote:
> >>
> >>>OK, I've got a box with a GeForce2 in it. I'm testing out whether
> >>>debian is a good platform for supporting it.
> >>>
> >>>I've installed Mesa. I've installed Glut. I've installed nvidia's X 
> >>>drivers.
> >>
> >>Don't install Mesa.  Mesa is the driver of last resort if a 'real' OpenGL
> >>implementation does not exist.
> >>
> >>Uninstall Mesa - then go to www.nvidia.com head over to downloads and 
> >>install
> >>their Linux drivers.
> >>
> >
> >
> >I thought I had to install Mesa first to get the OpenGL header files?
> >
> >Or do they come in one of the Nvidia packages I've missed?
> I don't recall whether they do or not.  However, the ones that come with
> Mesa are always way out of date - so if you want the latest OpenGL
> extensions, you'll need to get headers from elsewhere.
> The trendy way to get really up to date headers and to use a nicer
> API for querying extensions is to use the 'glew' package (which is on
> SourceForge).

Right. I've found the issue.

I asked debian to install it's Glut package. Which apparently, along
the way installs all the OpenGL development kit (including headers)
{Hurray!}  and Mesa's runtime libraries...

And hence, yes, it appears to be linking against one set and using

So i ended up just clubbing that crap over the head, moved the mesa
libraries sideways and fixed up all the symlinks. One working GL system.

One annoyance is that my glxgears rate has dropped to 40-50 fps. Which
sounds awful low even for an 800MHz machine[1]. "glxinfo" swears all
up and down we're using the Nvidia renderer.

I'm wondering if it's refresh clamped, because there's no tearing in
the image...

[1] This is the "low end compatibility tester I'm installing here..."