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Fwd: Re: For the third time...

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From: Christian Reiniger <warewolf@mayn.de>
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Subject: For the third time...

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On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Ian Crawford wrote:

> As most of you know, it has been suggested on the PenguinPlay list that
> the site I set up at http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ be the foundation
> of the PenguinPlay meta project.  Now, I think this is a great idea since

Correction: It's not the PenguinPlay meta project, but the Linux game
development meta project. PenguinPlay is just a "member" like all others.

> the site has similar goals to the PPlay meta-project, but hear me out. 


> So my only problem with hosting the PPlay meta-project is that I don't
> have enough free time to be able to put forth the effort that such a
> project deserves.  Which brings me to my next idea...
> Make the maintenance of the linuxgames site (and, therefore, the PPlay
> meta-project) a group effort.  I mentioned this a long time ago on the


> Even if you just want to maintain the resources page, or add people to the
> developers page, or coordinate a site restructuring, or even something
> smaller like posting a short site review and some suggested improvements,
> or supplying game development related news... your help will be noticed
> and appreciated.

In fact, most of the work on the meta-project will have to be done by the
developers themselves.

Ok, here's a rough list of the things the meta-project will have to do:

(1) Provide a mailing list for discussions on inter-project compatibility
issues, overall organization, new general ideas, discussion with game
developers etc.

-> Almost no work.

(2) Maintain an overview over the tools and toolkits available for Linux
game development, plus documentation to help programmers new to Linux game
programming (e.g. Linux game programming howto, ...)

-> The docs have to be provided by the projects themselves, so the meta
project maintainers "only" have to arrange them properly and add/change
some formatting. Perhaps most of this can also be done by the developers

(3) Maintain a news page, e.g. "Project X has now first working 3d code"

-> Will be done almost 100% by the projects themselves.

(4) Maintain a code base common to all projects, e.g. a common event
management, common basic types with minimum/guaranteed bit sizes, ...

-> 100% the duty of the developers

(5) Collect feedback from game developers

-> That's mainly forwarding this feedback to the mailing list

(6) Maintain documentation of all "compatibility standards" the projects
agreed on

-> Can be done by the developers

So all in all there will be quite some work at the beginning, when the
project is being set up, but afterwards it will carry itself.

> http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ to the linuxgames mailing list (which,
> for those of you that don't know, you can subscribe to by sending a
> message to linuxgames-subscribe@sunsite.auc.dk ) and make things happen.

Yes. I think we (the Linux Gamedev Project members) should subscribe there


God is real (unless declared as integer).

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 Ian                            mailto:icrawfor@uoguelph.ca