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Project Compatibility

Ian Crawford wrote:

> Project compatibility:
> To achieve this "code base common to all projects" I propose the
> formation of a Linux game development compatibility standards group.
> This group can be responsible for standardizing things like event
> management and basic structure, like Christian suggested.  It could
> even go as far as to suggest a common network protocol still flexible
> enough to drive any game.  I guess I'm suggesting a common packet
> structure, here.  Would anyone like to set up a page for this?

  I would be interested in taking this on. It would help me get to know
the system a little bit more.

I do have one concern with the suggestion of game stanards. Games cannot
be standardized. Game programmers are always trying to push out as much
as possible. This does lend well to standards.

My I suggest something more akin to patterns (I know this can be a bit
of a dirty word right now). These would be common solutions to problems
game programmers have faced. Then the next generation could build on
this. Not tutorials (all though that would help as well) but more like
well thought out solutions and when and where to use them.

I know this sounds a little weak right now but I think it could have