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Re: Project Compatibility

Dean Giberson wrote:

>> Project compatibility:
>> To achieve this "code base common to all projects" I propose the
>> formation of a Linux game development compatibility standards group.

>I do have one concern with the suggestion of game stanards. Games cannot
>be standardized. Game programmers are always trying to push out as much
>as possible. This does lend well to standards.

It's not about standardizing games. It's about defining the minimum set of
common code etc to make code from different Projects interoperable, e.g. so
that game developers could take the CrystalSpace 3D engine, link it to the
(future) PenguinPlay Physics engine and to the ClanLib Sound engine, while
getting Keyboard/Mouse Input via the GAMES Input Interface.
All without tweaking.

So no Standardization on the implementation, but on a specific part of the


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