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Re: project compatibility

> Project compatibility:
> To achieve this "code base common to all projects" I propose the
> formation of a Linux game development compatibility standards group.
> This group can be responsible for standardizing things like event
> management and basic structure, like Christian suggested.  It could
> even go as far as to suggest a common network protocol still flexible
> enough to drive any game.  I guess I'm suggesting a common packet
> structure, here.  Would anyone like to set up a page for this?

I don't think this is possible at all. Some projects are written in C,
others in C++. Some projects use GLfloat, GLint style defines, others don't.

Instead it is more important, that you can disable features in one project,
that you prefer to use in another one. Examples of this could be Display,
Sound and Networking. By doing so, a game developer could use the best
display interface from one game sdk - and a sound interface from one of the
other sdk's:

Display 2D -> ClanLib
Display 3D -> OpenGL
Sound -> GAMES
Network -> PPlay

This gives the game developer the best freedom we can give. I don't think it
matters much that ClanLib, GAMES and PPlay are different in other areas.

Magnus Norddahl
ClanLib developer