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Re: For the third time...

Ian Crawford wrote:

>with nothing more than a link to the project home page.  It would be
>great if someone (not me!  I know nothing about this kind of thing so
>if it's up to me, it just won't get done...) could make the page more
>interactive s.t. the developers could maintain their documentation
>themselves, ideally from a web browser.  Any ideas/volunteers?

What about having the web page in CVS and giving trusted developers write
access? This works really well for PenguinPlay...

>Project compatibility:
>To achieve this "code base common to all projects" I propose the
>formation of a Linux game development compatibility standards group.
>This group can be responsible for standardizing things like event
>management and basic structure, like Christian suggested.  It could
>even go as far as to suggest a common network protocol still flexible
>enough to drive any game.  I guess I'm suggesting a common packet
>structure, here.  Would anyone like to set up a page for this?

IMHO this would be real overkill. I meant the standards / common code to be
something the projects simply agreed on. Someone would implement this and
stuff it in the linuxgames CVS repository. Nothing complicated, but quite



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