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Re: For the third time...

Mailing list:
Send a message to linuxgames-subscribe@sunsite.auc.dk

Tools and documentation:
Sounds like the resources page (
http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/resources.html ) could use a face
lift.  It currently has a short list of loosely categorized tools,
with nothing more than a link to the project home page.  It would be
great if someone (not me!  I know nothing about this kind of thing so
if it's up to me, it just won't get done...) could make the page more
interactive s.t. the developers could maintain their documentation
themselves, ideally from a web browser.  Any ideas/volunteers?

Alright.  This I can handle.  Game development news is currently
posted on the front page of the site (
http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ ).  So, go on and send any game
development related news to the me and I'll put it there.

Project compatibility:
To achieve this "code base common to all projects" I propose the
formation of a Linux game development compatibility standards group.
This group can be responsible for standardizing things like event
management and basic structure, like Christian suggested.  It could
even go as far as to suggest a common network protocol still flexible
enough to drive any game.  I guess I'm suggesting a common packet
structure, here.  Would anyone like to set up a page for this?