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Re: For the third time...

On Sat, 29 Aug 1998, Ian Crawford wrote:

> the site has similar goals to the PPlay meta-project, but hear me out. 
It should be made clear that it is not the _PPlay_ meta-project.

> Make the maintenance of the linuxgames site (and, therefore, the PPlay
> meta-project) a group effort.  I mentioned this a long time ago on the
> linuxgames list, but no one offered any help.  I'm not holding that
> against anyone, but I am really serious.  I do not have time to manage
> this myself, so if anything is to be made of the site in discussion, a
> team effort is required.
Right, I myself an flat out with Uni and PPlay, so I don't think I would
volunteer, but I agree linuxgames should not be a solo effort, especially
if it becomes the meta project.  Also at the last meeting we decided that
we might contact the people at linuxgames.com about the meta project.