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Re: [OT]Re: [Forward - t-l-engh@online.no: New game project: Civclone]

On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Rob Kaper wrote:

> It does not even have to be in the htdocs directory or be configured from
> Apache:
> include "/etc/php_dbase.cfg";
> would work. If I were Sunsite I'd let us include something like
> /etc/php/lgdc.cfg, that'd be ve convenient for them to maintain and for us
> to use (since it works unlike whatever the situation is now ;-)

Arh, yes, but it has the consequence that you need to use the absolute
path for every include. Which I think has its drawbacks.

The other way, you can actually just include "somefile" and php/apache
will find it. 

If we say your access is to a tree like this;


then you could maintain the include files yourself, while making sure that
they could never accidently get served to the public.

It's a matter of taste, I suppose.


Mads Bondo Dydensborg.                               madsdyd@challenge.dk
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