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Re: [OT]Re: [Forward - t-l-engh@online.no: New game project: Civ clone]

On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 03:50:08PM +0200, Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> > include "/etc/php_dbase.cfg";
> Arh, yes, but it has the consequence that you need to use the absolute
> path for every include. Which I think has its drawbacks.

No, just for this one doing the dbase connection. All your other includes
can be "file.php3", "include/file.php", "../file.php3" or even
"../../../main/global/scripts/file.php3" for all I care. ;-)

Besides, I also think it's possible to let Apache block certain
extensions/files from being viewed. For example, you can block clients from
getting .htaccess files, I'm sure you could do the same for *.cfg.

> It's a matter of taste, I suppose.

That it is. I could be perfectly happy with either solution though, as long
as it works. ;-)

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