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Re: Why code your own library?

Ingo Ruhnke wrote:

> > easy is for wimps :) If every game is written using plib, they'll all have a
> > plib l&f. If every game is writting in crystal space, it'll have a cs l&f.
> > Games need a level of novelty and uniqueness to 'em...

Hmm, many games are also written using a C/C++ compiler. Does that
give a C/C++ look and feel to them? I don't think so. It is not because you
use Crystal Space that you have a Crystal Space Look and Feel. Crystal Space
is a 3D engine which renders polygons (and some other effects). What you
do with the polygons is your own free choice.

> You are correct, but plib and crystalspace are different! Plib is
> AFAIK a wrapper around all that stuff which isn't portable (Joystick,
> Sound, etc.) and has in addition some other stuff like a primitive
> GUI, font renderer, etc. While Crystalspace is a game engine for
> first/third person indoor games like Quake/Doom, etc.
> I do not mean that everybody should use Crystalspace for there games,
> since CrystalSpace is worthless for stuff like flightsimulators or
> similar stuff.

For the moment it is. Note that CS will not remain an indoor only engine.
We are already working on an integrated landscape engine and some people
are busy with space type games.

Also CS is not limited to FPS as well. CS is even not limited to games.
CS will be used as a 3D preview to a garden design program for example.
Has nothing to do with games.

Many people are trying to make RPG games using CS.