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> So, if anyone wants to start a grand-unified GSDK, I'll be happy to
> contribute - but I don't hold out a great deal of hope that we'd
> actually
> achieve anything other than to add yet one more to the cacophony.

  I think that we should not worry about the many libraries available.
  First of all we have the choice, you don't like how Y library
  handles something, use another one.  Of course there have to be
  very good reviews done so you don't have to spend years just 
  looking for a good library.
  Secondly, game development for Linux is relatively new (at least
  on large scale) so I think that some libraries will disappear
  because people will find that only a few libraries are really
  good enough.  Maybe these libraries will become a new standard,
  the more people using them, the more popular they get, they will
  be included in more distributions, and more people will use them
  because of availability.  There may be a lot of libraries but
  if every one is aimed toward a certain type of game there is
  no problem.

                                          Teodor Dutchevici